Please note: these FAQs only relate to the resources. 

You can see FAQs for the online CPD modules here. 

1. Why are the resources so cheap?

I want quality resources to be accessible to everyone at reasonable prices. This way, you can ‘pay as you go’ and just buy what’s relevant to you at the time. The resources are electronic, so there's no printing and postage involved. The PowerPoints contain detailed presenter notes, however, no images or animations are used, this keeps the price down, and you can always customise them as you wish. 

I am not VAT registered which saves me adding on 20%. You can see what's available by clicking here.

You can now purchase gift vouchers if you are unsure what you want at the moment.

2. How and when do I receive my items?

As soon as you have made your online purchase, wait for the screen to clear and you will see a link to download and save your resources. You will also receive an e-mail with a link to access them (password protected and sent to your PayPal email address) which is valid for 7 days. If you paid via an invoice, once payment has cleared you will receive a download link from WeTransfer. Please make sure you save the resources after you access them. 

All purchased resources are in Word, PowerPoint or PDF format. You can download compatible programs from Open Office or use a suitable app on your device. A PDF reader can be downloaded from Adobe.  If you have any problems purchasing or accessing the resources, please use the contact form.

3. My confirmation e-mail didn't arrive so I can't download my resources.

The e-mail may have gone into your junk mail folder. Hotmail accounts are notorious for this. Have you changed your e-mail address since opening your PayPal account? If so, it will need updating. If you haven't been able to access your resources, please complete the contact us form and I will e-mail them to you. Please state your order ID number, current e-mail address and date of purchase.

4. Can I get a discount if I buy a lot of items?

Yes, a 10% off bulk buy price is available if you wish to buy all items for a particular unit or qualification. Just use the ‘bulk buy’ link. Further discounts are available if you purchase all of the AET/CET and/or DET bulk packs - see question 19. All bulk documents are accessible via a zipped file.

If you are a TQUK centre offering the qualifications listed, you can get 50% off the bulk buy full price - see this page. You need to have been referred to me by TQUK, or I will need to see a screenshot of your TQUK centre approval certificate sent via an email address from the registered centre (all purchasers will be checked). This does not mean 50% in addition to the bulk buy 10% offer, and it cannot be given in retrospect if you have already made a purchase. Payment from TQUK centres for the discount is only accepted via a bank transfer, not via PayPal or a credit/debit card. The discount does not apply to assignment sales.

5. Can I pay by credit or debit card?

Yes. When you have made your purchase and wish to checkout, just scroll down to choose 'Check out as a guest' or 'Pay with debit or credit card' (via PayPal's system - without having to open a PayPal account). If you are using a business credit/debit card, don't log in to your own PayPal account if you have one, but choose 'Check out as a guest' or 'Pay with debit or credit card' and make sure you enter the business address and not your own address.

6. Can I buy resources from different units and pages on your website?

Yes, each time you move to a different page your order will not be affected. Just keep using the 'Add to Cart' buttons to add to your order. You can view your cart or checkout at any time using the cart icon at the top or bottom of each web page (or by clicking on 'Cart/checkout' in the navigation menu list at the top of the website).

7. What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

You can pay by credit or debit card via PayPal's system, you do not have to open a PayPal account as you can log in as a guest (see Q5). You can also pay by cheque or bank transfer, just use the contact us form and I will get in touch with you.

8. What are the copyright restrictions? I am a teacher and I want to make copies for my learners. Can awarding organisations use them with centres?

Please see the terms and conditions which you will need to agree with upon purchase. Teachers can make copies for their learners in one organisation, or upload them to a password protected VLE/platform for all learners and staff to access. If  using the PowerPoints on a learning platform, you might want to incorporate some of the extra information which is in the presenter notes, into extra slides. Awarding organisations should ask their centres to purchase directly as multi-user licences are not available.

9. Why do the information leaflets look like they contain the same details as the PowerPoints?

The information leaflets can be used as handouts to support a teacher's presentation. If you are a learner who is not attending a taught session, the information leaflet will give you lots of useful details regarding the topic. The information leaflets also include some of the additional presenter notes which are included with the PowerPoints. The content of the PowerPoints, along with the presenter notes, could easily be adapted to become online learning materials.

10. Why are some documents in Word and others in PDF?

The Word documents enable you to amend them to suit your own requirements and are usually forms and templates. The PDF documents are not meant to be changed. I take no responsibility for any changes made after purchase.

11. How can I provide feedback regarding the items?

Just go to this page. You can choose to leave your feedback anonymous if you wish.

12. Can I see a sample before I buy?

Yes - samples are available on this page. They are scaled down versions of the full items. You can also see a visual image of the first page of each type of resource by clicking here.

13. I can't see an 'add to cart' icon, or I can't open the 'checkout', what's wrong?

This sometimes happens due to your organisation's or computer's firewall. It might also be due to the device you are using, or if you are outside the UK. If possible, try and use a different device on a different network, or wifi instead of a networked access. If this doesn't work, just contact me with the ref numbers of the items you wish to purchase. I can e-mail you a PayPal link or an invoice, and once paid, I can e-mail the resources to you.

14. Why don't you supply ready made schemes of work?

There are too many different ways of delivering the courses e.g. 3 hour weekly classes, one day a month, on-the-job, blended, online, distance etc. However, the PowerPoints could be used as a basis for a scheme of work as each has the assessment criteria listed in the presenter notes. They also state what other resources are to be used (from those listed for sale e.g. templates and handouts) and they incorporate formative assessment activities. You can then use the summative assessment activities from your awarding organisation, or if they don't supply any then you can purchase assessment materials here.

15. I purchased some resources and I didn't make a backup copy. I have had a technical problem and I can no longer access them. Can I have a replacement?

Yes you can have a replacement. However, an administration charge of £2 plus 10% of the original purchase price will be made. 

For example, if you spent £10 you will only pay £3.00 for a replacement.

The resources are updated and added to over time, therefore you will receive the latest version. 

Just get in touch and state the email address you used to make your original purchase, along with whether you paid via the website or an invoice.

16. I am based abroad, can I purchase resources via your website?

Yes. PayPal will automatically convert the amount to your own currency and you will be able to download the resources as soon as your purchase has completed (just don't close your browser until it's all confirmed). If your country does not accept PayPal, you can pay via an intentional bank transfer. Just get in touch with me.

17. I notice that the first two units of the Diploma have similar resources to the Certificate. Why is this?

The content is very similar, this is because the Diploma's first two units are all about teaching, learning and assessment (which is what the Certificate is about). If a learner has achieved the Certificate, they should not have to take the first Diploma unit as it is at level 4.

18. Why is the first unit of the Certificate the same as the first unit of the Award?

This is due to the way the qualifications have been created. The first unit of the Certificate is at level 3, just like the first unit of the Award. If a learner has achieved the Award, they should not have to take the first Certificate unit as it is also at level 3.

19. I purchased the Award/Certificate bulk pack, and now I would like to purchase the Certificate/Diploma pack. Can I get a discount as some of the resources are the same?

Yes you can. Just contact me first. However, the discount cannot be applied in retrospect if you have already made a purchase, and you must pay via bank transfer (not PayPal or credit/debit cards). Your previous purchase will be verified. This only applies for the full Award to the full Certificate, and/or the full Certificate to the full Diploma (or just units one & two of the Diploma). It does not apply for the Award to the Diploma.

20. I work for a centre and I would like to purchase assignments and assessment materials to help me when assessing the course. Why do you sell exemplar answers for some units but not all of them?

I have only produced exemplar answers for the Award in Education and Training, the first unit of the Certificate in Education and Training; and the knowledge units of the Assessment; IQA and EQA qualifications. This is to help with marking and standardisation. Assessors should be experienced enough to know how to mark at higher levels, and to observe practice for the performance units. Assignments and exemplar answers are not sold to learners.

21. I purchased some resources in error/I duplicated a purchase/I changed my mind - can I have a refund?

Depending upon the situation, it is at Ann's discretion to issue a credit note or a refund. You must contact Ann within 48 hours of your purchase. A credit note will be for future resource purchases (not online courses or books). A refund will be via the original payment method used. An administration charge of 10% of the purchase price will be made, plus PayPal fees if applicable.

22. I purchased a bulk pack of your resources a few years ago and I see that you regularly update them. Can I repurchase the updated bulk pack at a discount?

Yes you can. Just contact me to purchase at 50% off the full price (if paying via BACS) or 40% off the full price if paying via PayPal. Your previous purchase will be checked - it would be helpful if you can provide the date of your original purchase and the email address used to make the purchase. This offer is only available for bulk purchases.

23. How do I open a zipped file?

If you are using a laptop or a computer, just double click on the file. If you are using a mobile phone or a tablet, you might need to download a 'file manager' application to open it.

24. What if I have noticed something in a resource which is not up to date?

The resources are regularly updated, however, things do change e.g. legislation; regulations and requirements; website addresses; and text book editions. Let me know if anything is no longer current and I will email you a revised version when it's done.

If your question isn't listed above, just contact me.

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