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Modules for Assessment will be available at the end of September.

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All modules are £15 each

  • The modules include text, animations, videos, downloadable resources, activities, a quiz, and a reading & website list. 
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  • They will take approximately 1-3 hours each (depending upon the content and how fast you work).
  • You will receive a downloadable record of achievement upon completion.

Assessment modules - available in September!

10% off if you purchase all modules in the series below. 
The modules (listed below) cover all the content of the three units in the Level 3 Assessment qualification. They are ideal to help you find out about an assessor role, update your assessment knowledge or support you towards taking the assessment qualification. They include all the downloadable documents listed in the separate modules below.

A/1 - Key Concepts and Principles of Assessment £15
• Why should assessment take place? • The key concepts of assessment • Principles of assessment • VARCS & SMART • Role & responsibilities of an assessor • Regulations & legislation relating to assessment • Policies and procedures • Reading list • Website list

A/2 - Planning Assessment £15
• Factors to consider when planning • Minimising risks • Involving and supporting the learner • Involving others • Activities and resources • Technology • Equality and diversity • Action plans and assessment plans • Reading list • Website list

A/3 - Assessment Types £15

• What is assessment? • The assessment cycle • Assessment types: initial, diagnostic, holistic, formative and summative • Assessment methods • Reading list • Website list

A/4 Assessment Methods £15

• What is assessment? • Initial, formative and summative assessment • Choosing methods • Assessment methods: informal and formal • Holistic assessment • Strengths and limitations of assessment methods • Meeting individual needs • Reading list • Website list

A/5 – Involving learners and Others in the Assessment Process £15

• How to involve learners in the assessment process • Self-assessment • Peer assessment • Involving others in the assessment process • Questionning • Reading list • Website list

A/6 - Making Assessment Decisions and Providing Feedback £15

• How to make a decision • Factors influencing decisions • Appeals and complaints • What is feedback? • Different feedback methods • How to provide feedback • Feedback hints • Reading list • Website list

A/7 - Assessment Records £15

• Record keeping • Examples of assessment records • Reasons for keeping assessment records • Data Protection  • Confidentiality • RARPA • Reading list • Website list

A/8 - Standardising Assessment Practice £15

• What is standardisation? • Benefits of standardisation • Standardisation activities • What is internal quality Assurance? • Reading list • Website list 

A/9 - Evaluating Assessment Practice, and Continuing Professional Development £15

• Why evaluate assessment practice? • How to evaluate assessment practice • What is reflective practice? • What is continuing professional development? (CPD) • Planning and maintaining CPD • Reading list • Website list

A/10 - An introduction to end-point assessment £15

• What is an apprenticeship?  • Trailblazer groups  • Apprenticeship standards  • The Gateway  • End-point assessment • Role of the end-point assessor  • Assessment plans  • Qualifications for end-point assessors • Reading list  • Website list