Latest book projects

Principles and Practices of Assessment - 4th Edition now available

The fully updated 4th edition includes new content on:

  • the assessor-coach role

  • end-point assessment

  • the role of technology in assessment and quality assurance

  • online assessment

  • theories, principles and models of reflection and evaluation

Three practical books for teachers, assessors and quality assurers

These are written by Sharron Mansell, edited by me and illustrated by Andrew Hampel.

They contain lots of easy to use activities to help you perform your role, and to put theory into practice.

They are ideal for those occasions when you want to try something different or just need some inspiration.

My most recent books

I now have the three 'Principles and Practices' books. 

They will help anyone working towards a relevant qualification or who would like to refresh their knowledge regarding their job role. 

They are not affected by any future qualification changes. They are updated versions of the text in my other past books which are now being phased out.

All my books can be located here.
A limited number of signed copies are for sale here.

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