1. You have 7 days and 2 attempts to download your items once purchased. Please see 13 & 14 as a charge will be made to reissue them.

  2. By purchasing resource items, you agree to keep the copyright and website footer intact, and you will not imply that you have created the resources, even if you amend them.

  3. You will not forward, resell, redistribute, give away or include the resource items in any publication or publicly available website or platform (except for use with learners via secure password protected access - see the next bullet point).

  4. Copies may be made for personal or professional use only by the purchaser i.e. by teachers for their learners (excludes professional use of resources purchased as part of the online learning modules). They may be uploaded to a secure password protected VLE/LMS or intranet for access by learners and staff of the one person/organisation/approved centre which has made the purchase.

  5. The name Ann Gravells cannot be used to promote courses.

  6. Awarding organisations cannot purchase the resources for use by their centres, centres must purchase direct from Ann Gravells.

  7. If the purchaser carries out work for, or is associated with more than one organisation/approved centre, the resources can only be used in one, or alternatively they can be repurchased.

  8. Using the resources does not give endorsement by Ann Gravells of the purchaser's products or services.

  9. Copyright remains with Ann Gravells for all resources purchased.

  10. Ann Gravells does not take any responsibility for any changes made by the purchaser to the resources, nor for any technical issues which may occur during use, nor for any misuse, loss or damage arising from their use, or the incorrect use of the information within them. All resources are virus free when sold.

  11. All resources are for guidance only, the purchaser is responsible for their legitimate use and for checking they meet any awarding organisation or other bodies' requirements. 

  12. Exemplar assignment answers must not be given to learners or staff who are working towards the qualifications.

  13. If a wrong item or a duplicate purchase is made in error, it is at Ann's discretion to issue a credit note or a refund. Charges will apply*.

  14. If you request a replacement of resources, a charge will apply*. Please make sure that you save your documents securely upon purchase.

  15. If you are, or intend to become, a TQUK centre, the discount cannot be applied retrospectively if you have already made a purchase.

  16. If an organisation misuses the terms and conditions of use, their awarding organisation may be notified and they will be asked to cease using the resources.

  17. Resources are regularly updated, however, things do change. Currency of the resources cannot therefore be guaranteed.

Purchasing the resources means you agree to the above terms and conditions.

The use of online courses and CPD modules is separate to these T & Cs.

* A charge of 10% of the purchase price will be made, plus an administration charge of £5, and PayPal fees (if applicable).