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  • "Good detailed examples, with instructional videos. Thank you."

  • "Excellent resource."

  • "Well presented, good ideas and very thorough."

  • "Clear and unambiguous."

  • "Points were succinct, and well described to easily absorb and understand."

  • "Great information and helped to confirm my understanding."

  • "Well presented module, good content, easy to follow and informative."

  • "It was good to go at my own pace, to take notes as and when I needed, without having to rush the notes to go at the pace of the teacher."

  • "The modules were very informative and gave me a clearer insight into the IQA role I am aiming for."

  • "I enjoyed the way it was presented including the additional reading materials, thank you."

  • "I found the module easy to use and it acted as a good refresher for me in the IQA role and confirms some of the technology I am already engaged."

  • "Useful to be able to go back and check things and look up things as I go."

  • "Really informative and easy to work through."

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  • "KMF Training offered me highly professional support and continuous guidance through my entire certification studies. They helped me grow my skills and to successfully gain my teaching award. I highly recommend KMF to anyone who is committed to achieve their learning goals."  

  • "This was just what I needed to help me understand the complexities of internal quality assurance. Thank you." 

  • "Some good information in the course - good for a CPD module."

  • "Very helpful, clear and concise and relevant to the subject."

  • "Clear to follow."

  • "The assessment modules gave me more understanding of what the role involves. I would recommend them to anyone taking the assessor qualification."

  • "Comprehensive information and easy to follow."

  • "I really enjoyed the first module for the IQA and can't wait to work through the others."

  • "I now have more of an understanding of the importance of IQA records."

  • "Helped to reinforce learning. Initially it looked like a lot of work to go through, but this was not the case, and I went through it really well."

  • "I did the 11 modules on IQA and found them very useful and informative." Zarqa Sethi

  • "I am an IQA but I wanted to update my knowledge as it's a while since I became qualified. I have worked through a few of the CPD modules now, I have found them all to be useful and to benefit my job role. Thank you."

  • "I highly recommend these excellent resources." MH via LinkedIn

  • "Great course and clear to follow."

  • "All of the IQA modules in this programme are of excellent value to me in my role. They offer common sense, realistic suggestions and practical ideas. Thank you. I've enjoyed going through these modules."

  • "It is very user friendly and non-patronising with very detailed examples and documents that can be downloaded for future reference. Thank you."

  • "The modules improved and extended my knowledge."

  • "I love how you can go back over the module again and again, that really helped me to soak up more knowledge."

  • "Clear and concise content, very enjoyable, good time frame for completion."

  • "Very accessible course, clear and easy to follow."

  • "Very clear information which is set out well. Good to be able to download the documents."

  • "Really thorough and comprehensive. Thank you!"