Learner package

Online courses for your learners

What is a learner package?

  • It's a series of online modules for a particular qualification, which cover the theory that learners need to know prior to being assessed. 
  • Providing you are an accredited centre with an awarding organisation, your learners can work through the online modules to save you time delivering the course content (or they can be used as a blended learning approach).
  • The modules are discounted depending on how many you require. You can set your own price to charge your learners. Don't forget to add on registration, assessment, observation and certification costs.
  • You will then assess and observe your learners in the usual way.

Please see the terms and conditions towards the end of the page, which are agreed to upon purchase.

What's available?

In association with KMF Training, I am pleased to announce that your learners can take online courses for: 

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Vaines at KMF Training who will be happy to help. Tel 01226 720 700.

Me with Chris Vaines of KMF Training.

Click on a blue box below to see what's included in each course.

About the courses

  • All the theoretical content of a particular qualification is covered, your learners just need to put it into practice and be assessed by your centre when they are ready. However, it is recommend they supplement their study with relevant text books.

  • You can download a document showing how the content of the online modules cross-reference to a particular qualification. Just scroll to the end of this page.

  • Your learners will need to be registered with the awarding organisation you use for the particular qualification, and complete assessments and observations with your centre staff. The administration and costs for these are your responsibility to pass on to your learners.

  • Supporting materials such as assessment plans, assignments and observation templates can be found here.

  • Learners can take the online courses anytime, anyplace and anywhere with a suitable device.  They do not have to log onto your network. 
  • Each module will take between 1-3 hours to complete depending how fast they work.
  • Learners can stop and start when they wish via a secure online system, automatically saving their work as they progress.
  • The content of each module is short, sharp, clear and concise - just like my books and resources. The modules include text, animations (narrated by me), videos, free downloadable resources, activities, a quiz, and a reading & website list.
  • Once your learners are enrolled on the modules, KMF Training will look after the end to end administration for your learners (such as password resets and course completion analytics for an individual or groups of learners).

  • Learners can join our exclusive LinkedIn group to communicate with their peers and discuss the content of the modules.
  • Learners will gain a record of achievement upon completion of each module.

Pricing (includes VAT)

Assessment - all modules on this page

Per learner:

Full price £180.00

1-10 learners 10% off: £162.00

11-20 learners 15% off: £153.00

20+ learners 20% off: £144.00 

Internal quality assurance - all modules on this page

Per learner: 

Full price £198.00

1-10 learners 10% off: £178.20

11-20 learners 15% off: £168.30

20+ learners 20% off: £158.40

External quality assurance - all modules on this page

Per learner: 

Full price £90.00

1-10 learners 10% off: £81.00

11-20 learners 15% off: £76.50

20+ learners 20% off: £72.00

How to order

  • Contact Chris Vaines at KMF Training with the number of packs you would like for a particular qualification. Tel 01226 720 700.
  • Payment must be made in advance via PayPal, credit/debit card (via PayPal's system without opening an account) or by invoice.
  • Upon receipt of an invoice from KMF, payment must be made in advance via BACS transfer to KMF Training LTD.  
  • Prices include VAT, and payment is to KMF Training not Ann Gravells Ltd.

Terms and conditions

  • Your centre is responsible for registering learners with your awarding organisation (AO) prior to their commencement of the online modules.
  • You are advised to inform your AO that you are using the online modules. You can see how the content meets the assessment criteria by downloading the relevant cross-reference document at the end of this page. 
  • Whilst all the criteria are covered in the modules, if learners choose not to work through one or more aspect/s, it is up to you to ensure they are ready for assessment.
  • It is recommend that learners supplement their study with relevant text books.  
  • You must provide support for any additional needs learners may have.
  • Whilst online support regarding the content of the modules is given via the LinkedIn group, your centre is responsible for guiding learners through the qualification's assessment requirements.
  • You are advised to carry out an initial assessment and agree an action/assessment plan with each learner. You should also carry out formative assessment prior to summative assessment. Templates, observation forms and other resources to support the qualifications are available here (you need only buy these resources once and you can use them as many times as you wish). 
  • You should always maintain ongoing records in accordance with your AOs requirements.
  • The assessment of the course content should be in accordance with your AOs requirements, and must be carried out by appropriately qualified and experienced staff from your centre.
  • Each module purchased must only be used by one learner.
  • Payment for a set number of learners must be made in advance to KMF Training, no refunds are given if learners decide not to take the course, or withdraw part way through. 
  • Part-used courses are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Your centre is responsible for obtaining the course fees from your learners, the price you charge is up to you.
  • The online modules are not a guarantee that learners will pass the course. The assessment aspects are the responsibility of your centre.
  • Optional units of the qualifications are not included.
  • Ann Gravells Ltd and KMF Training & Consultancy will not enter into any communication with your awarding organisation, and are not to be classed as named teachers at your centre.

Qualification content cross-referencing

Click on a download box below to see how the module content meets each qualification's assessment criteria.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Vaines at KMF Training who will be happy to help. Tel 01226 720 700