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Accessible and affordable online training modules to meet your CPD needs - only £18


In association with KMF Training, I am pleased to announce that you can take online modules regarding various topics for: teaching & training, assessment, internal and external quality assurance. 

These are a work in progress so please click a blue box below to find out what's available. 

Alternatively, scroll down to find out more information about how the modules work.

All modules are £18 each, they can be taken anytime, anyplace and anywhere with a suitable device. 

Me with Chris Vaines of KMF Training.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Vaines at KMF Training who will be happy to help.

Click on a blue box below to see what's available.

All modules are £18 each

About the modules

  • They are ideal to help you find out about a particular job role, update your knowledge, or support you towards taking a relevant qualification.
  • They are designed to give you enough information about certain topics without the need to buy a full course that may contain unrelated content which you just don’t need. 
  • All modules are electronic: you can take them anytime, anyplace, and anywhere with a device and an internet connection. 
  • You have up to three months' access to work through them.
  • Each module will take between 1-3 hours to complete depending on the content and how fast you work.
  • When you commence a module, you can join our exclusive LinkedIn group.
  • This is a great opportunity to discuss various topics with other participants (past and present).
  • You can ask questions directly to me and to Chris Vaines of KMF Training.
  • You can remain a member after you finish the module.
  • You can work at your own pace, and stop and start when you wish via a secure online system, automatically saving your work as you progress.
  • The content is short, sharp, clear and concise - just like my books and resources.
  • The modules include text, animations (narrated by me), videos, downloadable resources, activities, a quiz, and a reading & website list.
  • You can take one or more modules when you are ready and just pay as you go.
  • You will get 10% off for purchasing all the modules in a subject series, in advance.
  • You will gain a record of achievement upon completion of each module.
  • You can progress to other CPD modules or sign up to take a relevant qualification with a training organisation.

Who are they for?

Anyone wanting to:

  • know more about a particular topic
  • refresh knowledge and understanding
  • find out what a particular job role entails
  • gain extra understanding regarding the content of a relevant qualification
  • have a record of achievement to demonstrate commitment to CPD.

The modules are for individual use only. 

If you wish to purchase for groups of learners or staff, please contact Chris Vaines at KMF.

How to access the modules

  • Just click on the relevant subject box below to see the topics which are available.
  • You can then make your purchase and access your course.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Chris Vaines at KMF Training who will be happy to help.

Click on a blue box below to see what's available.

All modules are £18 each