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  • "When I took up the role to be a programme lead for DET, the dearth of teaching resources was a challenge until I got my hands on Ann Gravells' book: Principles and Practice of Teaching and Training. It has helped me anchor and find inspiration and tools to work with. My students also like the book as they are DET learners." Kholah Asaf Dar

  • "After completing this stage of my studies, time to pop the books back on the shelf (for now). Without the awesome Ann Gravells I would not have achieved a distinction in my assesor coach EPA this week. Ann you are an utter legend, an absolute guru of education. Your books have been read on the school run, when mum taxi-ing, even taken on holiday! I cannot recommend your approach enough. Within my EPA observation I unleashed my inner Ann, I'm convinced it's what got me though! For anyone in education go to Ann for methods, ideology and guidance. Common sense understandable approach.  Thank you for sharing your skills and writing books with a practical real life approach. Highly recommended." Elizabeth Cardwell via LinkedIn

  • "Really good guides for a range of courses and most of them are on my shelves. Great go to for inspiration and they are amazing books." Tracy Hollands

  • "Your books provide such a vital and well trusted study guide for all education and training awards." Jane Hyde-Walsh

  • "Such good books Ann, easy to find the information you are looking for and easy to understand." Vina Patel

  • "Many thanks Ann for helping me achieve. I have just completed my Lead IQA and am enjoying a diverse role in the utilities sector. Your books, as ever, are such a useful resource and support. Best wishes." Rachel Beacroft

  • "I just wanted to say a massive thank you! I have passed my assessor coach qualification and it was all thanks to your wonderful book which helped me along my journey. Thank you." Stacey Hurley

  • "I recently enrolled on a Level 3 Assessor course. Unfortunately the course reference material is a little disappointing. Luckily I found and purchased a copy of your superb book "Principles and Practices of Assessment". I just wanted to say thank you very much. It is worth its weight in gold and has proved to be an invaluable source of reference. I am sure that as my assessor role progresses your book will not spend much time on the bookcase without being consulted! Kind regards." Paul Morrell

  • "I've been avidly reading your books on 'Achieving Your Assessment and Quality Assurance Units' and 'Principles and Practices of Assessment'. I'm fairly new in post as an IQA and currently completing my Level 4 and I have found them invaluable. Thank you." Julie Mallinson

  • "I love your books! They are a must-have for anyone coming into the sector, or already in the sector. I have four books! 5 Stars for all books so far!" Mark Henry
    "What is good about your books is they are to the point and not loaded with off putting academic jargon. There are many, like me, who are skilled tradesmen and enter teaching after many years on the tools. We have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to pass on and are used to teaching others without beating about the bush." Chris Newell

  • "I’m currently completing my IQA award and your book has been a fantastic resource to support me with this!" Lisa Cooper

  • "We use your resources and books and wouldn't use anything from anyone else." Debbie Richards, Nurture Training and Development

  • "I'm so impressed with your books, they have helped me through my Award and now the Diploma in Education Training. Thank you so much." Jemma via LinkedIn

  • "I have managed to achieve QTLS status. I have read some of your books and I couldn't have achieved this without them. Thank you for your support." Mohammed Nadz

  • "Your books have proved invaluable to help support our new TAQAs. I promote them at every single induction with our unqualified staff after using them for my own quals, and they have all said they could not have completed their qualification without it, especially unit 1 CAVA and IQA qual. Great books, thank you." Sian Hyett

  • "Your books are an invaluable resource for our learners and we love using them. I strongly recommend anyone completing an assessment, teaching or quality assurance qualification, to buy themselves a copy, they are a brilliant resource to have in your library."

  • "I am using your book 'Award in Education and Training' and your TAQA book to get me through my assessor qualification. Couldn't do it without them, far better than competing books, thank you!" Hannah McCracken

  • "Your name appears so many times in my PGCE and TAQA assignments, you are somewhat idolised!" SZ

  • "I finished the Level 3 Teaching and Level 3 CAVA with the help of your books and resources. There doesn't seem to be any decent books on these topics by other authors. I would have been lost without your straightforward, informative text books and online resources. The books are a must for trainee and practising assessors. A++++" Martin Concannon

  • "You are a name that I have known for some time in my role as a tutor and IQA for the AET. I have always thought your books very readable and one is never far from my desk." Helen Tait, NAPPI UK Ltd

  • "I have been using your material for reference and learning as I am currently working towards my assessor qualifications, and would like to thank you in advance for the inspiration." GC

  • "Your books are very informative and have helped me in my job role." Jacqui Tymon

  • "Just wanted to tell you that I recommend your books to all my learners, they find them easy to read and they are invaluable at helping with assignment work and micro teaching." PJ

  • "I have just successfully completed my CAVA thanks to your books. My knowledge was limited on assessment and my sister recommended your books. I have used these to improve my knowledge and skills to do my CAVA, which has enabled me to help my students to achieve qualifications." Maxine Hughes, tutor at a pupil referral unit and a middle lead for careers.

  • "Thank you for all the knowledge and guidance you have provided via your books. I have purchased a number of them over the years to support my own learning and assessing/teaching role. I also recommend your books to my learners to support them in their qualifications and development." Anon

  • "I have used your books to successfully achieve my level 3 and level 4 teaching qualifications. To be honest, I passed because of your books!" AA via Facebook

  • "Love your books have a few, which are well thumbed and heavily post-it noted on the pages. Easy to read and my ultimate go to for comforting words of advice. There have been no other books like it for a practical common sense approach and I would highly recommend." Elizabeth Cardwell

  • "I must say that your books have a lot to do with me becoming a good teacher. They are very digestible and easy to understand - so thank you for publishing these amazing books for trainee teachers." Malika Javed

  • "A few years ago I completed my PGCE and your book pretty much was the guiding pathway for me. Thank you, your books are brilliant!" Reg Bestwick

  • "I just bought one of your books and I must say it’s proved invaluable so far on my PGCE! Clear, coherent and an enjoyable read. Bravo." Jessica Storey via LinkedIn 

  • "I am an assessor and an IQA. I used your books to help me through my qualifications and with my job role. I thought they were amazing and so easy to read." Anthony James via LinkedIn

  • "I am 65 years old and I am just embarking into the realm of becoming an assessor. I have purchased your latest book on the subject and I simply had to let you know that I find it absolutely brilliant. Well done and long may you continue with this work." Anthony T Ward MBA FRICS via email

  • "As your publications are the only publications I will use on my Initial Teacher Education programmes, I am really looking forward to the new member of the family arriving! Since using your materials I have had 100% achievement rates on the programmes - a clear correlation with the quality of source material and outcomes for trainees." Dave Malachi via LinkedIn

  • "Thank you for the books! You single handedly turned me into an FE tutor. Your books supported me through my TAQA, dragged me through the IQA qualifications and are now a constant inspiration as I work towards QTLS. As someone who hadn't even considered FE teaching as a career option, I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without them. I recommend them to every new trainer or assessor I work with, I go back to them myself for a refresh all the time." Claire Buckley, GTG Training

  • "I would like to thank you for the assistance your publications gave me in achieving my Level 3 Education & Training qualification. Invaluable, helpful and without doubt steered me in the right direction when confused." Rob Silveri via e-mail

  • "I have been recommending your books to students for years. A valuable resource indeed!" Clare Crompton via LinkedIn

  • "Your books are great, money well spent and helped me massively through my PGCE." Dave Young, ASP Training 

  • "I am a big fan of your books. I have read/referred to a great number of educational books, whilst completing the Cert Ed, TAQA and delivering the teacher education qualifications. I am a construction operative at heart and mind, I find academia quite difficult, your books broke the subject down perfectly and allowed a vocational tutor to excel in teaching. Most other authors of educational literature are not as understanding and write for academics which a lot of FE tutors are not." Andy Thompson via LinkedIn 

  • "You have done it again! I am completing my EQA qualification and your book hits the spot. Well done and thank you." David Nicol, Stanfords Training Ltd

  • "Thank you for your work and books, they have always been a huge benefit to me personally, and to our delegates and clients." Barry Hunt, UKTraining

  • "The Award book is a must read. I use it with everyone who goes through the qualification with us. It is easy to read, easy on the eye and packed full of great information. First class!" Gill Payne, Gill Payne Partnership Ltd

  • "What a marvel of support your books were. Very helpful and beneficial." PP

  • "We deliver the courses every month and always recommend your book as the preferred course handbook for learners to buy beforehand. It is in a logical format, easy to read and written in plain English (always good)." DU

  • "I first started using Ann's books as a student conducting my Tutors, Assessor, IQA and EQA qualifications. I honestly could not have passed my qualifications without these books. These books gave me a much-valued insight on how to become an IQA and EQA. Several years on from being the student, I now deliver these qualifications as a tutor, assessor or IQA for Training Providers. Moreover recently I have been conducting standardisation training for Awarding Organisations using these books. Before my class starts, I show the students the Ann Gravells' books, how to get them on Amazon, and how to get the Kindle version. I am not sure that I would have progressed my career in the manner that it has without the required information. Ann has broken down the Learning Outcomes stage by stage within her books. This has made it perfect as a teaching and learning tool. When you open the book and see the headings, very quickly you will notice that it links up with the qualification. Unit 1 Assessment Criteria 1.1 is linked up with section 1.1 in Ann's book. Then Unit 1 Assessment Criteria 1.2 linked up section 1.2 in Ann's book. This transparent theme runs through the books, making it the perfect tool for teachers and students alike. I have got the investment make 1000 fold. I can not recommend these books enough!" Mark Henry, On Screen Learning

  • "You have been an invaluable inspiration to me and continue to be so!" RC

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