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The modules are ideal if you are working towards an end-point assessor qualification, want to update your knowledge, or just want to know what the EPA role involves.

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New services:

  • If you are a centre and would like your learners to work through the modules instead of attending a course with you for the end-point assessment qualification (at a discounted price) click here.

  • If you are an organisation and would like your staff to take the modules as CPD (at a discounted price) click here.

How to access the modules

  • Just click on the buy now button in the list below to be taken to KMFs website to make your purchase and access your course.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Chris Vaines at KMF Training who will be happy to help.

  • Click here to see a sample of an IQA module.

  • You will receive a downloadable record of achievement upon completion.

  • The modules include text, animations (narrated by me), videos, free downloadable resources, activities, a quiz, and a reading & website list.

  • You can find out more about the online CPD modules by clicking here.

  • They will take approximately 1-3 hours each (depending upon the content and how fast you work).

  • You will have access to an exclusive LinkedIn group.

  • If you wish to take the EPA qualification, you can find out more here

End-point assessment modules - £18 each

End-point assessment CPD BULK BUY

10% off if you purchase all 3 modules in the series below. £48.60 instead of £54.00

The modules (listed below) briefly cover all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria of the End-point Assessment qualification. They are ideal to help you find out about an end-point assessor role, update your assessment knowledge, or support you towards taking the end-point assessment qualification.

You will have access to all the downloadable documents listed in the separate modules below.

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EPA/1 - An introduction to end-point assessment £18

• What is an apprenticeship?  • Trailblazer groups  • Apprenticeship standards  • The Gateway  • End-point assessment • Role of the end-point assessor  • Assessment plans  • Qualifications for end-point assessors • Reading list • Website list

Includes weblinks to access the current Apprenticeship Standards and Assessment Plans

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EPA/2 - The end-point assessment process and EPA assessment methods £18

• The end-point assessment (EPA) process • The Gateway • Minimum requirements to pass through the Gateway • Preparation for EPA • Minimising risks • End-point assessment methods • EPA examples • Assessment plans • Grading • Resits and retakes • Quality assurance  • Reading list • Website list

Includes four downloadable resources: Minimising risks; Assessment types, Assessment methods, End-point assessment methods: strengths and limitations

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EPA/3 - Reflective practice and continuing professional development £18

• Reflective practice • The EDAR model • Continuing professional development (CPD)  • CPD activities • Planning and maintaining CPD • Reading list • Website list

Includes four downloadable resources: Personal development plan (PDP) template, Completed example of a PDP template, Continuing professional development (CPD) template, Completed example of a CPD template

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Generic assessment CPD modules can be located here.

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