Report a concern

Report a concern about a training provider

  • If you have a serious concern about a training provider, please complete the form below. I am gathering information to see what the extent of the problems are.

  • The form is not for minor complaints about a provider, these should be dealt with directly with the provider.

  • You can report a concern anonymously if you wish, but it would be helpful to leave your details in case I need to clarify anything. Your details will not be used for anything other than reporting a concern. You can read my privacy policy here.

Examples could include:

  • advertising using misleading information

  • hidden charges (i.e. the price you pay is not what was originally agreed)

  • using an awarding organisation's logo when they are not an approved centre with them

  • not providing adequate information, guidance and/or support to learners

  • not allowing the internal quality assures (IQAs) and assessors to perform their role fully

  • not delivering the course content effectively

  • lack of assessment (initial, formative and summative)

  • issuing fraudulent certificates

Please note - course content

I have had a few complaints about providers delivering out of date information. They base their delivery on the content of the qualification specification which is provided by the awarding organisation, and many qualifications have not been updated for a long while. It's not the provider's or the awarding organisation's fault. Awarding organisations use the information from relevant sector skills' councils/bodies' national standards to create the qualifications which go on the RQF. In most circumstances, the content is updated when the national standards are updated by the relevant council/body. If the qualification is not on the RQF, then please contact the relevant awarding organisation.

Most sector skills' councils/bodies can be found here. It might be worth contacting them if you have any concerns. However, good teachers will always ensure they are up to date with their knowledge and skills, and will want to add value to their courses by including current practice.

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