Privacy and data policy

Your privacy

What is being stored about you when you access this website? 

No personal information about you is accessed or stored when you view the pages of this website.

Information such as what time your current visit occurred, whether you have visited the site before, and what site referred you to the web page. This is via Google Analytics and does not contain any personal data. Cookies are used to obtain this data by Google Analytics (and is stored by them, not by Ann Gravells Ltd). Nothing personal about your activity on this website is stored by Ann Gravells Ltd unless you request to be on my mailing list (see below for details).  A cookie is a small file, usually letters and numbers, downloaded on to a device when the user accesses certain websites. Cookies allow a website to recognise a user’s device but nothing personal about them. For more information please click this link.

Newsletter mailing list

If you request to be added to my newsletter mailing list, the following will apply:

  • Your data will not be used for anything other than sending you occasional information regarding my products and services, and keeping you up to date with what's happening in the FE, skills and training sector.

  • You can opt out at any time by responding to the link at the end of the mailshot.

  • Your information will not be given, leased or sold to third parties without first contacting you and giving you the chance to opt out.

  • The mailing list is stored securely on an external server which is managed by emailblaster.

Your data

Please scroll down to find the section which applies to you. 

All relevant data will be held permanently unless you wish it to be deleted (please use the form at the end of this page).

Ann Gravells Ltd is registered with the ICO.

Amazon purchases

  • If you purchase any products after clicking on the Amazon links on this website, it is Amazon who will manage your data. Ann Gravells Ltd can track what has been purchased via the Amazon Associates app, but not find out who has made a purchase. This information is not made available to anyone else and is stored by Amazon, not Ann Gravells Ltd.
  • Your details will only be used for the purpose of the competition which you enter, unless you sign up to my newsletter mailing list. Each competition will have its own terms and conditions of entry.
  • If I have worked with you on a consultancy basis, your details and those of the work carried out will be held. I may also add your logo to my website with a weblink to your company (with your consent) on this website.
Contact us/Concern form
  • When using the contact us form or concern form, the details you provide will only be used for the nature of your enquiry. However, you will be given the option to be added to my newsletter mailing list. The details you provide will be stored securely on an external server which is managed by emailblaster.
  • If you have attended an event, or made an enquiry regarding an event, your name; e-mail address and event details will be stored securely on an external server which is managed by emailblaster. You may also be added to my mailing list (with your consent). If you have used EventBrite to make a booking, any other details you have submitted via them will not be saved by Ann Gravells Ltd and will no longer be accessible on EventBrite after the event has taken place. If you did not object to photos/videos being taken, these are held by Ann Gravells Ltd and may appear on this website and/or in publicity materials. If you gave feedback regarding the event, your name will be held (if not given anonymously) and may appear on this website along with your feedback (with your consent).

Feedback regarding products and services

  • If you have given feedback, your name; e-mail address and details of the feedback will be held. Your name will only be used on my website if you have consented and your email address will not be displayed.
Online CPD modules and courses

Resources and assignment purchases

  • Details of all purchases/refunds/abandoned checkouts are stored securely on an external sever which is managed by Fasthosts. However, these details can be accessed by Ann Gravells Ltd.
  • Bank, PayPal and credit/debit card details for purchases of resources via PayPal are held with PayPal and not with Ann Gravells Ltd. PayPal also manage all credit/debit card sales.
  • If you have paid via an invoice: the item details, e-mail address and address/company details will be stored by Ann Gravells Ltd. No payment details will be stored.

Social media

  • If you have requested to connect with me via any social media platform, your details will be held by the relevant social media company and not by Ann Gravells Ltd. You might like to check your privacy settings to see how much data you are sharing. However, if you agree to be added to my mailing list, your details will be held in accordance with the 'Mailing list' information towards the top of this page.
Text books
  • These are sometimes available to purchase via PayPal, who store your purchase details. Your name and address will only be used for the purpose of posting the book to you. If you make an enquiry regarding a bulk order of text books, I will pass your details onto my publisher, who will contact you directly.

Accessing your information

  • You can request to know what information is held about you by completing the form.

  • This information will be provided to the e-mail address you supply, and will usually be e-mailed within seven days of application.

  • The information will only apply if your name matches the email address you provide here. If you have used a different combination of name and/or email address in the past, please complete an additional form. 

If you wish to be added to my newsletter mailing list, please click here.

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