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Achieving and Maintaining QTLS status: Evidencing the ETF Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers

Available Autumn 2018

Most teachers in the further education and skills sector want to prove they are a professional at what they do. Achieving QTLS status is a way of demonstrating this.

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) is the badge of professionalism for post-16 education and training, helping practitioners advance in their careers and demonstrate their expertise and experience to colleagues, employers and learners.

This new book will help teachers achieve their QTLS status and maintain their professionalism. It will be written in an accessible style and will take a prospective QTLS candidate through the following:

  • What QTLS status is all about, how to achieve it and how to maintain it
  • What the professional formation process involves
  • How to complete the QTLS online workbook (with examples)
  • How to apply the ETF Professional Standards in your job role
  • How to work with your supporter
  • How to critically reflect on your job role
  • How to maintain CPD and progress further
The book will include lots of hints and tips, activities which logically relate to the professional formation process and  relevant appendices such as FAQs, The ETF Professional Standards, and a list of Approved Qualifications to meet the maths and English requirement for QTLS status.

The book is available from Amazon:

and all other good book stores.

Principles and Practices of Teaching and Training

(560 pages) October 2017

This book is now available 

This is a core text which is relevant for anyone wanting to be (or working as) a teacher or trainer in the further education and skills sector, in the UK or internationally. 

It has all the information you need to work towards any of the following:

  • a qualification such as the Award, Certificate or Diploma in Education and Training (or Cert ed/PGCE/TQFE). 
  • a Learning and Development qualification
  • a Train the Trainer course
  • an international vocational teaching qualification (such as the IVQ in Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning)
  • a Teaching, or Learning and Development apprenticeship programme.

The book takes you through everything you need to know about teaching and training those aged 14 and upwards. This could be in any environment where learning takes place, such as a college, training organisation, the workplace, further or higher education context. 

The book opens up the topic for learning in an easily accessible and logical way. Activities are included throughout, along with real examples of teaching and training which will help you to put theory into practice. The book also includes time saving pro-formas and examples of completed documents which teachers and trainers might use.

Reading the book can be a way of maintaining CPD for current practitioners.


"Many years ago I completed an adult education certificate course, but have rarely had occasion to put my skills to use, until now - and they are rusty! This book is a super resource for people like me who need to brush up their skills - and also for anyone who is studying to work in further education or skills training. It is so comprehensive, taking you from the very basics right up to preparing for observation of your teaching practice. I was really impressed with how clear and approachable the language and structure are. It is very easy to understand, has a lot of case study examples to support learning - and it is clear that the author is very experienced in the field. I wish I'd had a text this good when I first did my training."

Margaret7 via Amazon

"From beginning to end, you have everything you need to know and apply to teach and train effectively in the FE and skills sector. Ann has a remarkable gift of making her text very readable, relatable and understandable. Over the years, this book along with her many others has developed my knowledge and practice in teaching, training, assessing and quality assurance. I wouldn’t be in the role I am today without her wealth of experience. Thank you Ann."

Daniel Scott via Amazon

"Ann is my 'go to' author for anything to do with teaching / teaching practice within the further education & skills sector and I always recommend her books to my learners. She has an easy to read and understand writing style and her books can be dipped into time and time again. The new book 'Principles and Practices of Teaching & Training' is no exception. Well done Ann !!"
Dawn Upton (C&D Training Ltd)

"I have just completed proofreading your book.  After a career in teaching (albeit in the primary and middle age ranges) may I say that I found it a most impressively comprehensive guidebook for steering trainee teachers through their courses and early teaching experiences.  It will give new teachers the confidence to embark upon their careers, with a sound foundation of knowledge and principles, to educate and inspire generations of learners."

Proof reader for Learning Matters, SAGE Publications

The book is suitable if you are working towards any teaching/training programme offered by any awarding organisation in any country. 

It is a comprehensive and accessible text, covering:

  • The role of a teacher/trainer
  • Wider professional practice
  • Factors contributing to learning
  • Planning and facilitating learning with groups and individuals
  • Using technology and resources to support teaching, learning and assessment
  • Assessing learning
  • Quality assurance
  • Evaluation, reflection, and continuing professional development (CPD) 
  • Preparing for and delivering a micro-teach session
  • Preparing for and carrying out teaching practice/observed practice 

Please note: this book contains some content which has previously been published in my other text books.

I now have the three books (above) which will help anyone working towards a qualification or who would like to refresh their knowledge regarding their job role.

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