Electronic resources in the form of handouts, PowerPoints, information leaflets, templates and more are available for immediate download.

See the lists below for what's available and scroll down to see samples of each type of resource. 

Just click on the relevant unit number below, or use the 'resources' drop down menu at the top of the page.

Prices start at 50p for handouts and go up to £10 for PowerPoints. The prices are kept low as there are no fancy images or animations.

The resources will help learners who are working towards the above qualifications and teachers who are delivering and assessing them.

Assessor units (Level 3) TAQA*: 

Units 1, 2 and 3

*TAQA: Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance

Internal Quality Assurance units (IQA) (Level 4) TAQA*: 

Units 1 and 2 

Unit 3

External Quality Assurance units (EQA) (Level 4) TAQA*: 

Unit 1

Unit 2  

Unit 3

Award in Education and Training (AET) (Level 3)

Unit 1 

Unit 2

Unit 3 


Certificate in Education and Training (CET) (Level 4): 

Unit 1 

Unit 2 

Unit 3 

Unit 4 

Unit 5

Samples of the first page of each type of resource

Please click on the picture to increase the size. 

To keep the prices accessible there are no fancy images or animations included. Prices range from 50p for handouts to £10 for PowerPoints.

Self assessment grid - sample first page
Guidance for achieving the units - sample first page
Table - sample first page
Information leaflet - sample first page
Handout - sample first page
Assessment plan - sample first two pages
Checklist - sample first page
Template - sample first page
Completed example of a template - sample first page
Observation checklist - sample first page
PowerPoint - sample first three slides (each PPT slide has detailed presenter notes and is cross referenced to the unit's criteria)

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